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great·er·est is anti-mediocrity.


It’s the foundation of my work and the people and brands I want to work with — those that want to climb Mt. Everest because a steep hill isn’t good enough.


Being great doesn’t come easy  it’s a choice, followed by a commitment, accomplished with a whole lot of hard work.

And then there’s being great·er. It’s all of that with two letters riding piggyback  but those extra letters pack a helluva punch. People and businesses that aspire to be great·er are willing to do even more and put even more into doing.


But then there’s something beyond that. Something reserved for those who have committed to be a different kind  different from the inside. Distinguished in their passion, their conviction, and their resilience. These are people and businesses that have decided to outthink, outhustle, outlearn, outdo, and out-get it done. They demand to be the best of all those that are great·er  they are the great·er·est.


The truth is, we’re all capable of it. It’s within our grasp  but only if we decide to reach. We must jettison the comfortable, safe, and traditional to lead a new climb. We must drench ourselves in courage and dominate achievement. We must plow though any wall , swim across any moat, and step over every land mine that gets put in our way.


Becoming the great·er·est requires turning your mindset inside out. But it’s worth it because it’s the people and businesses that decide to be the great·er·est that detonate their world.



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