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"Facts tell, stories sell."  —Anonymous



For powerful brands, an idea must thread its way through all communications to create a consistent and unifying premise that attracts people and creates a deeper relationship. Each element of a brand must use an idea in its own way, but consistency in the story allows it to link with the rest of the brand to work harder.

So then why don't most brands do it?

Because many brands, agencies, and writers just don’t get it or, frankly, don’t care. They compartmentalize their thinking, pick favorite channels to work in, and don’t discipline themselves to make every opportunity amazing. Truly great brands, on the other hand, see opportunities and pounce. And small brands, including start-ups, make the most of every opportunity because they need to make every dollar they spend do the work of ten.


Story threading is an art that expands a brand’s influence exponentially — and it requires a skilled and dedicated artist and writer who can do it.


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